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Monday - Tuesday: 11am - 10 pm  |  Wednesday - Saturday: 11am - 12am |  Sunday: 11am - 9pm

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First and most important, it has been a hard year and a half for the music industry. Both artists and venues have suffered and we want to do whatever we can get to get back to where it should be!!

Second, we believe we have a unique opportunity here for business owners to get their business name out there in a unique way! Advertising that will catch your potential customers attention WHILE helping accomplish the first goal of getting these artists back up on the stage!


This is how it works:

You choose from a couple different sponsorship options. That money will go 100% to the bands playing on the Firehouse stage. Contact us for the options.

You get to put your Business Front And Centre in a different way of advertising! Your brand will be seen throughout various elements of the event and attendees will recognize your involvement and care. This can involve various mediums such as;

- Banners and Display Promotion at the event at the Firehouse

- Live recognition by the emcee or yourself at the event

- VIP experience at the event (customized for each event)

- On all the outreach platforms to promote the event; Print Posters, Facebook Event pages,

Facebook Promotional Posts, instagram posts, email newsletter subscribers, a permanent spot on the Langdon Firehouse website, advertisement on the TVs in the bar, direct links to your website and social media pages, your business name on our Marquee on Glenmore trail and more.

3. You enjoy the great return on investment but not only marketing your business and services to your potential customers, but know you are doing it for the amazing cause of supporting the struggling music industry. As mentioned above, 100% of the sponsorship money will go directly to the bands!

Please share this group with business owners, artists, supporters, anyone you think would like to get involved.


Lets get music back to where it SHOULD be!!!