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Here are some guidelines you need to share with all your party to ensure your group has a fantastic experience at Langdon Firehouse Bar & Grill.


1) On the night of your reservation, a section will be provided to accommodate your group. This section may consist of booths, high tables, low tables, or any combination of these three. We cannot guarantee which section a group will be getting as the floor plan is not finalized until the actual night of show due to cancellations and group sizes changing.


2) Please ensure your group arrives on time. We offer a 30 minute grace period past your reservation time.

If any portion of your group fails to arrive by the end of this half hour period, your remaining tables will be offered to guests on our waitlist, you may be entitled for a refund, but no guarantee.

Once our venue reaches legal capacity, we are required by law to start a line up outside of the building. If you don't have a ticket or if you didn't arrive within 30 minutes of your reservation, be prepared to stand in the line.

3) Please note: We now have the ability for you to choose your own seats when purchasing tickets for these events. Please note if you are an individual NOT joining another party, and you choose a seat at a table, you will be re-assigned to the bar.

If you choose a table that fits 6, and you are purchasing 4 tickets, there will be others joining your table. We have the right to move things around to make sure everyone gets to enjoy the event. For any Questions or concerns about seating, please feel free to email

4) HAVE FUN! The management and staff strive to provide a fun, exciting and unique experience for you and your group! We encourage you to participate in the event and enjoy the dance floor.


5) Please Drink Responsibly and plan a safe way home. We have a driver on call, taxi numbers posted through the building, and our staff can provide phone numbers for “alternative driving” companies.


6) Cancellations: No refunds unless cancellation has been made within 72 hours of the event. 

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