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1st Place Winner : Maria Tersigni-Rae
2nd Place Winner: Adonis Kalaf
3rd Place Winner: Jesse Novak

Congratulations to all the contestants and weekly winners!

Round 1 Winner - Abigail Lepitre

Round 2 Winner - Jesse Novak

Round 3 Winner - TRIPP

Round 4 Winner - Sara Rybak

Round 5 Winner - Jacquest Bruyere

Round 6 Winner - Maria Tersigni Rae

Round 7 Winner - Adonis Kalaf

Round 8 Winner - Mike Tracy

Round 9 Winner - Deanna Kitzan

The final round was judged by Mr. Dan Hunter (Lead signer of Who Made Who - AC/DC Tribute Band), Ronnie Kerr (Lead singer of Tacoma) and Joelle Persam (Lead singer of Envy)

Thank you to everyone that has supported all 9 weeks of the contest and to all the other judges that participated including Mr. Greg Cox (Playground Zone, Broken Toys, The Lost Boys, Pink 4freud) and Glenn Baker (High Steppin Daddy, Tacoma, The Shop Live, Hot Tamales), Matt Merlin (Envy, Matt & Jo) and of course Carey Zelisko, Rick Bartersville Rick and the person we couldn't have done any of this without Erika Szupp - our Host Extraordinaire!

We will be doing the contest again in a couple months. Stay Tuned for a date!

Langdon Firehouse Karaoke STAR Competition Rules And Regulations 


1.) Contestants must sing two (2) songs to compete. 


2.) There will be three (3) judges each week. Judges will vary throughout the duration of the competition.


3.) Once your name is called and the song has begun you must start singing. You cannot request the song to be restarted. 


4.) This will be a nine (9) week competition with one finalist per night. You only need to participate and win 1 time through the 9 weeks to qualify for the finals. Finalist  from each night will be awarded a $25.00 gift certificate redeemable at the Langdon firehouse.  The (9) finalists will be invited back for the grand finale competition on Wednesday, April 5 for the $500.00 cash grand prize. 


5.) The competition will run each Wednesday from 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm. Contestants will compete in the order with which their entry is received. Acceptance of entries will begin around 7:00pm of the event night. If a contestant does not have an opportunity to perform due to lack of time they will move to the beginning of the queue for the following week. 


6.) Contest is open to anyone over the age of 18 

7.) No karaoke hosts, winners from any other competitions, vocally trained, professionals, musicians or staff from this bar is allowed to compete.


8.) Rules and regulations of this competition are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to end the competition at any point in time.

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